Introducing: Bold’s Payout Portal for Recipients

Bold's payout portal lets your recipients view their complete history of payouts from you, as well as update their information to guarantee the fastest possible payouts!

Your recipients are important. They deserve a great experience when it comes to working with you, and this means providing tools to help their success. With that in mind, we set out to build our payout portal for your recipients. Now live, this portal helps recipients keep track of their personal finances and saves your […]


The Importance of Labels in Mass Payouts

Writing some notes...for your reference when sending mass payouts

Could you imagine if you didn’t label the files on your computer? I don’t know about you, but I know that I’d never find any of my important files ever again. So when you’re sending dozens, hundreds, or thousands of payouts each month, staying organized is key. Mass payouts should be labeled in a way […]


[PODCAST] Bold’s Journey to Mass Payments on Around The Coin

Bold CEO Sean Safahi talked about mass payments on Around the Coin.

Bold CEO Sean Safahi recently talked with Brian Roemmele and Mike Townsend on Around the Coin—a (great!) podcast that provides new perspectives on growth around the payments industry. With valuable insights the space of mass disbursements, their discussion details how Bold has evolved to where we’re going and everything in between. Learn how Bold is helping a wide […]


How Industry Leaders Manage Mass Payouts and Compliance

How Industry Leaders Manage Mass Payouts

If you have to send out a lot of payments, you know that the process involves a lot of moving pieces. To start, you have to handle funding accounts, doing background checks, and managing your recipient base. And manually take care of mass payouts is time-consuming and error-prone—two qualities that are not good when transferring […]


The Definitive Guide to Managing Independent Contractors

Independent contractors at work. Learn how to manage them effectively to build the most meaningful relationship.

By 2020, it’s estimated that 60 million Americans will be working as independent contractors. And the term “independent contractor” applies to a variety of positions. For instance, freelance writers, artists, developers, and designers, as well as gig workers can all be classified as independent contractors. They’re providing their talents to businesses and platforms and helping […]


5 Obstacles Between You and Your International Recipients

Finger pointing to a map, with a magnifying glass. Looking for international recipients.

It’s the dream: people, across the entire world, using your service. While international expansion during your platform’s early stages is difficult and downright unlikely, it’s probably somewhere in the back of your mind, for your future endeavors. But, there are a few steps you need to take before you can realistically set your sights on […]


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